About us

Our Story

One day, my wife told me that she wanted a favor from my foreign friend to help purchase a good skin care product. She saw some positive reviews about it in a forum but there’s not much publicity about such product in our country. She was very intrested in trying the product so I contacted my friend John abroad and asked his wife to help me buy this product. We had a long conversation and I was told that many of the things that they bought in the recent two years are from China. However, if not for friends’ recommendation, he would have to spend a lot of time reading tons of reviews. But still, he was not able to know the local reputation of these products before purchase, and shopping was like trying their luck. After that chat, I started to think of creating a window to disply high-quality “Made in China” products for consumers from other countries to guide and help them learn more about the good things made in China. That’s how I came up with the idea of guide-in-china.com website. 

What We Do

We are a shopping guide platform dedicated to screening high-quality “Made in China” products for global consumers. We are committed to carefully selecting the most popular, interesting, best-selling and cost-efficient products produced in China to meet the needs of consumers who are interested in “Made in China” products.

We help you get the latest information about “Made in China” products in the first place.

We share with you real consumer experience of “Made in China” products regularly.

We provide answers to your questions about “Made in China” products.

We welcome consumers around the world to share their real consumer experience regarding “Made in China” products, and post their experience on our website.

Our Goal

We pursue serving as a window, through which consumers all over the world can get to know “Made in China” and explore great Chinese brands. We would like to create a bridge between “Made in China” and consumers worldwide by showing consumers high-quality products made in China, so as to help them have a clsoe understanding of Chinese brands and get products after their own heart efficienty and accurately.

In addition, we also provide opportunities for the consumers who take an interest in “Made in China” to try novel Chinese products for free, through which we collect consumers' real feedback to help Chinese enterprises upgrade their products, develop better products and provide a more satisfying consumer experience continuously.

Guide-in-China aims to become a valuable website for consumers and Chinese high-quality suppliers. By screening the choice “Made in China” products, we save your time and cost, enable you to access more reliable products and experience a more pleasant consumer journey.