Tips for Keeping a Dog in Winter

by YangAthina

Winter has crept in with snow and rain. With most parts of the country successfully entering winter, how can we keep our dogs healthy during this cold winter?

Winter means not only low temperatures, but also dry air, freezing injuries, and possible hurts from heating equipment. Paying attention to these details in winter may help keep your dog healthier.



🌞1.Provide fresh water.

Make sure your dog has plenty of clean water and needs to be warmed properly in cold weather. Don't let your dog drink frozen ice water.


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🌞2.Prevent frostbite.

Dogs that spend the night outdoors when the temperature drops to freezing are at risk for tissue frostbite. Please provide your dog with a warm indoor environment and a cotton cot, mattress, etc. Try to keep your dog out of the cold.   

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Some owners worry that their kennels aren't warm enough and buy electric blankets for their dogs. For healthy dogs, electric blankets are not necessary and can be dangerous. If your dog is weak, an electric blanket is also a good choice. Although it is winter, kennel dog mat should be frequently washed, and do a good job of disinfection.

🌞 3.Keep exercising.

It may be winter, but dogs still need exercise. In particular, dogs from cold climates such as huskies and Alaskans are more excited in the winter. They're also better suited to getting outside and exercising in cold weather. 

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However, if you have a small dog, it is not recommended to spend a long time outdoors. Owners can stay indoors with their dogs to ensure they get enough exercise. If your dog really loves going out, it's important to dress and keep  warm.

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🌞4.Time for walking the dog.

Many people are used to walking their dogs in the morning and evening, but the temperature in the winter is too low to do so. The best time to walk your dog in winter is in the early afternoon when the sun is shining. Not only does this time allow the dog to release excess energy, but it also allows them to get more sun exposure, which is good for the dog's health. Also, don't use metal leashes when walking your dog in winter.

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Have you had any other problems keeping a dog in the winter?

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