Advices for Newcomers to Start First Camping or Hiking

by shannon Lee

Section one: Essential Camping or Hiking Gear

Sleeping cozily and comfortably in the great outdoors is goal one of any family camping trip—and, admittedly, a challenge. It’s impossible to guarantee everyone will get a great night’s sleep (and, let’s be honest, that’s unlikely). But it should be excitement—not cold, bugs, or the rocky ground—that keeps the kids awake.

Camping is also just a great way to get away from home for a much-needed vacation. But if you’ve never gone into the wilderness before, camping can seem daunting. To help walk you through it, some tips and gear advice from experts would make your first time out as fun as possible.

Camping or Hiking gear Checklist

🤞🤞Camping tent : Tents for recreational camping fall into two categories. Tents intended to be carried by backpackers are the smallest type. Small tents may be sufficiently light that they can be carried for long distances on a touring bicycle, a boat, or when backpacking. The second type are larger, heavier tents which are usually carried in a car or other vehicle. Finding the smallest, lightest tent that meets your needs is the logical approach when you’re backpacking. But if you won’t be carrying your tent more than a couple hundred feet, more space means more comfort

🤞🤞The sleeping bag : suitable sleeping bag is very important for camping. Outdoor activities can not be without a sleeping bag. The quality of the sleeping bag is related to the quality of the camper’s sleep, sometimes a sleeping bag also can save a camper’s life.

🤞🤞The sleeping pad : Do you occasionally like to sleep outside, in a tent or under the stars? If you do, and if you find yourself either cold or uncomfortable with your current sleeping setup, you need to choose a sleeping pad

How to choose a tent?

  1. Comfort

If your budget can go a little bigger, then go bigger with your tent: A 3-person tent gives a cozy couple a little extra breathing room, and a family of four can more easily achieve harmony in a 6-person tent. The ventilation of the tent will affect the comfort. Generally, The comfortable tent ventilation performance is very good. The tents with poor ventilation will be very humid and the water vapor cannot be discharged in time. It will be very uncomfortable to stay in a tent.


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  1. Durability

  The surface material, thickness, and splicing method of the tent will also affect its durability,nylon and Oxford cloth. Nylon materials are light and suitable for light travel. Oxford cloth is thicker and heavier, suitable for driving and family travel.


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 Nowadays, tents are light and durable, and tents of about 4P can be stored in a backpack. It is also very convenient to set up. Packing completed within 5 minutes is an acceptable time.


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How to choose a sleeping bag?

1.Temperature rating

When selecting your bag, temperature rating is a good place to start. If you’re planning on only going fair-weather camping, a summer bag is probably all you’ll need, but a 3-season bag will give you more leeway for unpredictable shoulder-season weather.



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 A bag’s packed size and weight are less of a concern for a car camper than for a thru-hiker out on a monthlong excursion—and it might not be a concern at all for some car campers with larger vehicles. However, if you’re packing a small car with a weekend’s worth of stuff, you may be fighting for every inch you can manage. That’s when packability becomes important.



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How to choose a sleeping pad?

  1. Heat loss

A good sleeping pad is like the mattress on a bed, but it also has high-tech insulation to prevent you from losing body heat on the cold ground. Without the insulation of a sleeping pad, your body tries to create temperature equilibrium with the earth. This is known as conductive heat loss—and you’re the one who loses. Big air mattresses, like what your guests sleep on at home, might look temptingly plush, but their lack of insulation will likely leave you feeling cold


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Some sleeping-pad surfaces were more slippery than others. Sleeping-bag nylon is of course slipperier than the cotton bedding you might use at home. Match that surface with a slick nylon sleeping pad, and you may wake up off your pad, especially if you’re sleeping on a slope.


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For the newcomers to start first camping or hiking, having a sweet sleep is the most important thing. equipped with these gear, you can enjoy the joy and magic of camping and hiking.




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